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I'll never forget the professional writers who shared their craft with me as a youngster and taught me as an adult. I love giving back! 

  •  I visited over 50 schools since my debut.

  • I published with Penguin/Random House, a big five publisher and experimented with the indie route.

  • I've workshopped with students from kindergarten through advanced high school classes. 

  • Ninth graders don't scare me. (But fourth graders are my sweet spot!)

  • I love writing with students in hands-on classroom workshops.

  • I am excited to bring my debut picture book, ROCKHOUND, to schools.

  • I hold a Master's in Fine Arts in Writing for Children/Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts and BA in English from Brigham Young University.

When I spend a day at your school, we will plan a day that moves seamlessly from a fun session with the Ks, to targeted presentations for the rest of your school, to hands on writing workshops in the classroom. 

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