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Angela's Middle Grade Novels

Firebug (Cover Reveal!)
True Historical Middle Grade

Firebug Cover-1600X2560.jpg

Nine-year old, trickster, Mary Lee, loves to light campfires with her best boy buddy in their secret fort on the banks of Rexburg, Idaho’s irrigation ditch. World War II is over, but Mary Lee fights a new war. Her mother is sick, not nuts, lazy, a bad mother, or anything else the neighborhood bully, her dad’s aunt, and even her adored big brother might say. When Mary Lee overhears a doctor say Mother will never be her old self again and should go to the state mental hospital, Mary Lee joins Dad’s resistance. Never.

FIREBUG, a middle grade novel, inspired by my mother's childhood in Rexburg, Idaho, just after World War II, combines my love of family history, historical fiction--and my mom.

Thanks to Rachel Camacho for the beautiful cover.


The Order of the Flick
Read now on Kindle Vella

To flick or not to flick?

That is the question.

Philo, a sixth-grade, boogie-flicking, defender of the weak against thuggies, plans a summer creating video games with his buds. But his great Aunt Wiggy whisks him off to Switzerland. When an automaton in a museum recognizes the Sign of the Flick and comes to life, Philo must stop the biggest baddest thuggie from attacking the super collider at CERN. Will he save the world from certain annihilation? Or are we toast? It all comes down to a flick.​

Read the first three chapters free!

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